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Interactive erotic hypnosis

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Suggestions are given to enjoy being hypnotized and naked, along with the listener going into trance when they are called a "Sleepyhead" by a person they trust.

This recording gets more pleasurable and powerful each time you listen. Malayali sexi girl. Below there is a link to a separate Patreon Page with a description of the content in the file. Happy Incest Family by howdyjeans A pornographic look into one girl's sex-filled home life.

After making the listener sign a document giving me powers over the kingdom I lock them in the dungeon over the evening. The listener is guided on a fantasy where they are taken to my study, made to serve as my footstool and ruin an orgasm as I reprimand them. Interactive erotic hypnosis. Hypnosis Fetish This recording is intended to strengthen the listener's fetish for hypnosis. While hypnotized the listener is made to answer questions about their masturbation habits, strip naked, edge, and then finally climb onto my desk and orgasm so I can fully understand and document their masturbation habits.

I'm going to try to fulfill the requests for a finished interactive story that should be good. Themes or different sources of mind control works as well. The mysterious person forces the listener to prick their finger on the blue rose and a transformation takes place turning the listener into a Nymph. Abby naked ncis. The listener is made to tease their breasts and then masturbate and orgasm in order to lock in all of the hypnotic suggestions they are given.

There are instructions to touch both the clitoris and the nipples in this recording. A Better World by Withness Women are plentiful and desperate. Interactive Erotica — Fiction for Adults Read and participate in 11, interactive sex stories withchapters. The recording is hands free and does contain an orgasm command along with encouragement to return to help with future experiments. It is designed to make you orgasm so please listen to it in a private area.

You should listen to Toy Hypnosis 7: Mind Control 3 Chapters Deep years ago. All of these suggestions are locked in at the end when the listener is made to orgasm. I like the latter, too, if the hypnotist is female.

I just don't know if I want it in the future or believeable present. This recording is suitable to be used as part of a daily training routine and the effects grow more powerful with each listening.

This Slave Hypnosis recording focuses heavily on fractionation to take the listener very deep into trance. Kiss new free mp3! Suggest description for this tag. Nipple Play This file is a Slave Training file that focuses on increasing the arousal and pleasure felt when the listener plays with their nipples.

There are instructions to masturbate but no orgasm instructions. Bruce almighty hot scene. After this the listener is brought out of trance and made to believe that what happened is normal with a person that they trust and that they should go and schedule another hypnotherapy session right away.

I first use the flames of the fire and then a golden pocket watch to hypnotize the listener and then I guide them down the hallway to the guest bedroom. While I whip the listener suggestions to feel pleasure are given.

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Additionally the suggestion to feel proud about their interest in hypnosis and be more open about hypnotizing others and being hypnotized is also given. Monster cook xxx. Please feel free to experiment with this file in a playlist. So basically what I'm hearing is use bacon to hypnotize catgirls. The listener is given the mantra Deep Mindless Pleasure as a means to go deep into trance and to feel pleasure.

This recording is a commissioned, custom recording designed for male listeners. This is an experimental erotic hypnosis recording that makes the listener feel more pleasure and obedience in trance on a subconscious level. There are no orgasm commands in this recording and the listener is left feeling desperate and horny at the end of the experience longing to relieve their aching arousal. If you have a health condition that prevents you from holding your breath do not listen to this file.

I do not let the listener orgasm in this recording and instead place them in a chastity cage. Interactive erotic hypnosis. Nimja A male hypnotist who produces a wide variety of free recordings and a complex, frequently-added-to interactive text hypnosis script. Pussy milf pics. This recording is an erotic sleep hypnosis recording involving breath play. The listener is in this scenario is tied down spread eagle and naked on their bed as I punish them with a riding crop.

Science Fiction Chapters Deep 51 minutes ago. The final part of this recording is a challenge for the listener where they have to edge and go past the point of orgasm while out of trance.

This recording will have you edge but has no orgasm commands. Teen 1 Chapters Deep 2 days ago. The Casting Couch by dark How to get ahead in Hollywood by giving head. Then I take advantage of the listener while they are wrapped up and start touching them until I force the listener to orgasm. As more of the listener's mind is drained the emerald starts to sparkle and the listener's eyes slowly become dull and empty. Please make sure you listen to this in a private place.

This is a sleep hypnosis recording so please listen to this file lying down in a position you are comfortable sleeping in. Good Slaves Ruin Orgasms This file will have you ruining your orgasms for fun in no time just like a Good Slave should. Myanmar porn xvideo. You can use this file to train yourself to enjoy new erotic fetishes or reinforce ones you already have.

This recording is a hypnotic fantasy for male listeners where they are seeing me for a hypnotherapy session to help them feel more relaxed. This file does include edging so it is recommend to not be wearing clothing that would interfere with this. This recording can be used as a continuation of Hypnotic Cock Worship or as a stand-alone experience. After a great war, many years later someone finds a ring that lets them alter time.

This erotic hypnosis fantasy has you in the role of a research subject who has volunteered to help me experiment with brainwave entrainment using isochronic tones and binaural beats.

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Please make sure you can get on all fours while listening to this recording. This recording is a continuation of the Brainwashing Sauna series so if you have not listened to the first file you can find a link to it below.

This file does not though expressly grant an orgasm but it will make future orgasms more powerful. Author Index - Select stories by your favorite writer. Community Bulletin Board - Talk to other Literotica readers and authors!

Thousands of erotic items at fantastic prices. More quests, more failures, and lots more monster girls! Good Girls Are Horny Girls This recording is designed for female listeners and will make the listener much more submissive and easily aroused.

Non-Consent 3 Chapters Deep 1 day ago. I once started reading this really goddamned hot MC story. This custom recording is designed for male listeners. This recording also contains an orgasm command.

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Product Search Advanced Search. If the listener gets too close to climax they have to stop touching and stop listening to the recording.

This file will have you ruining your orgasms for fun in no time just like a Good Slave should. Well, let me put it this way. Mobile al backpage. While it does, well, mostly transformation stuff, an entire function is dedicated to pure mind control. So basically what I'm hearing is use bacon to hypnotize catgirls. Much of which is from Writing.

This recording is a Pet Training hypnosis file that makes the listener enjoy rough oral sex. Interactive erotic hypnosis. Nude women streaking Suggest description for this tag. Suggestions to feel naked when not wearing a collar and to have the need to be walked around naked on a leash in front of people that you trust are given in this recording. There are no orgasm commands in this recording.

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Bikini barbershop nude The Casting Couch by dark How to get ahead in Hollywood by giving head. Pretty sure most of them aren't "finished" per se, but a good number of them are super lengthy.
KAMASHUTRA 3D MOVIE The listener is made to strip and then go into a large room filled with men being milked for cum.
Retro big tits pics You can use this file to train yourself to enjoy new erotic fetishes or reinforce ones you already have. The subject is also edged and made to orgasm while touching in this file.
Tumblr ass to mouth If the listener is not hypnotized they cannot touch. The Ring of Time by CreativeBuilder After a great war, many years later someone finds a ring that lets them alter time. Can you escape the Flesh Dimension?

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