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In fact, if you ask your grandparents, they'd be likely to remember who their childhood crushes were and it's likely that many of them are on this list. IzaakMak April 20, at Claudia Cardinale's butt on a car. Big perfect natural tits and ass. Hot naked pinups. The yearly maximum dose limit is 5 Rem, which translates to mRem. BJ October 20, at From an artists point of view this is such great work, but probably not so good for the women exposed to radiation.

June 21, at Bought every issue regularly each month. The circumstantial proof is in the credits:. All in all, from my professional opinion, I believe these images are indeed plausible and would not create a particularly hazardous dose in the models.

Members see even more Maybe I can catch you next time. Carl Sagan Day Moon bounce Uwingu wants you to submit names for their planetary baby book Getting closer: Rincewind July 2, at And they are what I want to learn drawing for: Jace July 2, at There are even one or two industries where women can earn far more than their male colleagues for doing essentially the same job.

The girls of today think that the way to a pictorial is to go bare back, shave off all there pubic hair …. HotnessMilitary Girls. The proportions of the skeleton look too perfect as well. Blondes and blacks tumblr. Fafhrd would approve June 25, at While this image may start with an x-ray, I very much doubt that pinstripes show up. The densities are all wrong. First off, I agree with those who say that these are probably digital artistry, as opposed to actual x-rays.

Notify me of new comments via email. I think these are CGI. In much the same way an illustration of the same body parts in a textbook would be. Registration only takes a few minutes to complete. Recent Posts Thank you Revealed: I will refrain from the tedious discussion but I am no less disappointed. However, most of the parts of the body are generally radiographed at 40 inches to magnify certain structures while keeping other structures true to form.

Since I got back from Hawaii last month I have a new look on life in so many different ways and am working on getting my work visa for the states, which is so exciting! June 23, at 2: June 23, at 4: I appreciate your explanation but the phrasing there is no less problematic for me.

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The circumstantial proof is in the credits: I had them buried in a basement wall at my house in Belleville, New Jersey. June 21, at Video Games Remove section. Tumblr gloryhole vids. However, there are many women certainly in much of western Europe who do have the same opportunities as their male counterparts. Your judgement tells me more about you than it does about the pictures.

Just because you see these images in one particular way does not mean that everyone else sees them in the same way, nor experiences the same reaction to them.

Ok, lets go on to the radiation dose next. They show a woman, and not a man. Hot naked pinups. Now that is some bare-bones pornography! They are all female because it appears to be a pin-up calender with the same model. I use to collect playboy magazines in the 70s like nerds collect baseball cards. Thank-you June 23, at 2: June 21, at 7: June 23, at 6: Or maybe, just maybe, a lot of women like to feel that they are sexy, not merely to please men, but to please themselves.

I am not an expert, but multiple exposures designed to capture different kinds of detail that were later combined to get the final result. Ala passtel pictures. Its not fair to imply that a. All lovely photos of hotties, but defintely not pin-ups. The heart does not look like that under an X-ray. This is not a real X-ray. Why not then try and pick off the color of the model? The only outdoor set I have right now is The sweet taste of summer.

No need for Viagra. DW 69 loses it. The sole of every shoe appeared largely more radioopaque than bone would at the exact same technique. Xxx sex kahani hindi. These photos could were seen in publications like magazines or newspapers, or were images from postcards or chromo-lithographs, and even on calendars. The picture is just too sharp, her outlines are just too clear. This is a little too much for hawtness.

The dose per exposure to this model is very minimal. The girl you mentioned is just hired to help sell the products because sex sells. This is a proven, accepted and fundamental part of radiographic imaging.

I hope you make as much doing anal as they did! Super-Earth found in a star's habitable zone Back to work. Sexy pics of women also sell stuff to women.

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I wanted to choose one that was relatively work-safe, and again the presence of the shoes or the pose used in some of them seemed inappropriate, so I chose what I thought was the least likely to invoke those triggers and my wife agreed.

I think Phil is familiar with the phenomenon. Enjoy the warm weather! You are assuming that the reason it works on you is the same reason it works on everyone else, and that is simply an invalid extrapolation. The circumstantial proof is in the credits:. She is my best friend, she always supports me in everything I do.

Claudia Cardinale's butt on a car. If I owned a time machine, I would use it to try to win this woman. As to racy — yes.

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